A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A small top-down shooter game made in two days (about 10 hours).

This game is entirely open source and uses free assets from OpenGameArt.



linux.tar.xz 33 MB
windows.zip 29 MB


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I saw the asset before.


Yeah, simple mechanics but f... awesome!
And really impressed by the fact you made it in such a few time :)

Thank you!


Good work for 2 days! Are you going to keep developing it?

I would love to see some gun muzzle flash, death animations, bullets, gamepad support and chaos!

Thank you! After working on this, definitely. I think it would be fun to expand on it and fix some issues, but it'll probably be something I do in the future. For now, I'm just working on making small games and doing them in specific time periods to get better at making games :)

That sounds like a great plan! Keeping it realistic is important for us indie devs.


Very true! It's also a good way to learn and get a feel for how much you can do in a specific amount of time. Learning how to make different kinds of games the biggest reason I'm doing it, though.

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Makes sense! Keep up the great work.